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best lcd for Hardware Monitoring


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What is the best looking LCD that can be used by aida64 4.70.3230.beta ?


Best being the one with good clear lighting (high def), plenty of colors and fast refresh,

all of this on a big ldc to put all the probing info (from fraps, for a 5930K cpu with 3 r9 290 graphics card) .


Have a nice day,



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I'm not sure how big are you looking for. LCDInfo makes gorgeous 4.3-inch colour TFT with very fast update rate:


The only problem is, that's an OEM device, so it has no frame or stand. You can integrate it into your case side or front though, and it would make a terrific addition to your existing chassis.

If you're looking for even bigger external displays, then your only option is either going for a DisplayLink USB connected LCD monitor, e.g. Mimo 720S ...


... or Samsung SPF digital photo frames:


DisplayLink monitors have a huge advantage that they can be used as a classic secondary display under Windows, so you can display any windows, and use any software on them. Samsung SPF DPFs on the other hand can be picked up at reasonable prices at eBay for example. If you go for Samsung SPF, then make sure to use our own drivers for it.



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Thank for the Information, but for the price (I ask him)..... there are other nice solution in the www....

That's true. You can for example pick up a 2nd hand Android tablet for a very low price and use the RemoteSensor module of AIDA64 ;)

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