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Registry key HKCU\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64 portability


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We've implemented a trick in the latest AIDA64 beta to let you avoid AIDA64 writing values to the Registry. Please do the following:

1) Close AIDA64 (if it is running)

2) Download the latest AIDA64 beta from:


3) Extract it to your existing AIDA64 installation folder (or a new empty folder)

4) Start AIDA64.EXE

5) Go to main menu / File / Preferences

6) Press the OK button on the Preferences window

7) Close AIDA64

8) Go to AIDA64 folder and open AIDA64.INI file (in e.g. Notepad)

9) The 4th line of the AIDA64.INI file should read:


Change it to:


Save the AIDA64.INI file. That's it :) From now on AIDA64 should write no values to the Registry, except for the Desktop Gadget and External Applications: Registry features that depend on the Registry to pass values.

I hope it works in a way you expected it ;)



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It's great!


I did everything you said, but these values are still on my system registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64)



I tried to add these values to the file aida64.reg.ini, but the program ignores them. Could you add these values too? In any case, thank you very much!

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