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android smartphone setup ?


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Here's a short tutorial: http://forums.aida64.com/topic/2636-remotesensor-lcd-for-smartphones-and-tablets/


The good thing about RemoteSensor is that it's completely platform-independent. You just need to design the layout, launch the web server (RemoteSensor) and you can access the information as a web page in (almost) any web browser. 

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What is the refresh speed ?

Is it as good as a samsung photo frame over usb ?


I tested and the auto refresh updated is 5 seconds with dolphin or chrome on my smartphone.


I will buy the samsung photo frame, it should be much faster right ?


I noticed that the supported samsung frame are only available in second hand market now as they are 4 years old.


Do you support other photo frames like hte samsung, but more recent, and with about the same price tag ?

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Is it possible to display the frame rate from dx11 and mantle ?

You need to use Fraps to measure frame rates for DirectX games. When you have Fraps running, you can use the Fraps item among the hardware monitor items in AIDA64. AFAIK currently there's no software that could measure frame rates for Mantle games.

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