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cachem.png is shown up as a white paper


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Yo guys,

since about two weeks all my cachemem.png or AIDA64 CPUID.png are saved as a white paper. No colors or letters are be seen:

I am using the version 5.00.3308 Beta.


There is an attachment down below! Try to open it! :wacko:


post-40-0-95284900-1419251672_thumb.png           post-40-0-52559500-1419251695_thumb.png


No matter which AIDA64 version I am using. All the cachemem.png or CPUID.png screenhots are unreadable.

Is there anybody out there?! This is an big bug I am reporting about!  :angry:

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EDIT: I had a Asrock X99X-Killer before and changed to a ASUS X99-Deluxe!  :wub:



This issue is pretty new and I can not imagine what it is related to. I sure know that everything was fine with the AIDA64 4xx Version. No matter if I am using a beta-version or the 5.00.300.

What am I supposed to do? The cachemem.png is part of the tool I ve paid for :wacko:  

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Thank you. The hardware change shouldn't make a difference, but maybe you've also reinstalled Windows after changing the motherboard? Do you have the same type of Windows installed now than was on your previous motherboard?

Quite frankly, the only case where we've seen such white screen shots was about Acrobat Reader, when a certain document streaming solution prevented the user to make screen shots of sensitive document pages. In such cases the screen shots just showed a blank white page.

Can you please check what happens if you open the AIDA64 CPUID panel or Cache & Memory Benchmark panel, and you press Alt+PrtScr, and then you start MS Paint (like via mspaint.exe entered in the Run dialog box after pressing WindowsKey+R), and press Ctrl+V (Paste) in MS Paint? I wonder if it also results in a white shot, or it works properly. If that solution works properly, then you can use it as a temporary alternative to the save screen shot feature of AIDA64 until we can find the root cause of the issue and fix it up.

BTW, there's a chance the issue is due to a recent Windows patch, due to a recent ForceWare update or something else that is not necesserily related to AIDA64. We will do our best to find out what's causing it, and fix it up if possible.

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Yo Fiery,

I did not have to reinstall Windows after I had screwed the new ASUS X99-Deluxe into my system. I just had to activate Windows by phone again.


AIDA64 cachemem.pngs aren't sensitive documents (lol)


The way you told me in order to save the AIDA64 panel shots worked fine as you see at the pic below.




Well, there is an easier way to capture cachemem.png pics using the windows "snipping tool" like I have to go this way until you guys find out what is causing the "blank panal shots". 

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