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fixed: Some issues for Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2 v2


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1. "Motherboard temp" sensor most likely refers to cpu temp (it always equal to core temp under both idle and burn state), and "aux" to mb temp.

Sensors' dump included.



2. Disk transfer mode displayed as mwdma2, which is in controversy to actual disk test (afaik mwdma2 is capped to 16.7Mb/s)

(windows' device manager don't have "channel" node for AHCI controllers, so I can't get actual dma value from it to compare)





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1) Thank you, we'll fix the sensor readings for the EQ45M-S2 v2 motherboard in the next AIDA64 beta due in a few days from now.

2) The reported MWDMA mode is correct. The controller can decide whether to drive the HDD in PIO, MWDMA or UDMA mode. But, for SATA drives all those info have no relevance anyway ;)



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