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WMI output


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AIDA64 exports both units and values for all type of readings. It's the fault of the other (importing) software if it only picks up some of the units. Or, in this case, I suppose Aquasuite assigns units based on type of values, and doesn't use the units provided by AIDA64 through WMI.



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It appears unit type/definition needs further definition/agreement between Aida64 & Aquasuite.

I see six WMI variable designation applied by Aida64.
   T - Temperature (°C)
   V - Volts
   C - Current (A, mA)
   F - Fans (rpm)
   P - Power (watts)
   S - System
         cpu/memory/etc clock speed
         memory timings
         bios version
         device used/free/utilization
         NIC up/down speeds & total up/down
         master volume
         battery & estimated time & status
         & others

Temperature & Volts are currently read correctly by Aquasuite.
Current, Fans & Power, though not currently read, should not be difficult to implement, as each is specific to a unit.
System encompasses many varying types of units, and both parties would have to agree on unit designations for the various types.

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