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GPU2 Temp and Fan Speed not showing in panel


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Love the panel!  :D 

i have 2 1GB HD7770s on an Asus Z87-A ATX LGA1150 and apparently if windows doesn't need

the second card it is actually powered off.

When i start windows and then AIDA64 Extreme Panel it shows GPU2 Diode as N/A and the bar for GPU2 Fan Speed

is missing altogether, which is understandable since the card is unpowered (but it would be nice,

aesthetically, if the GPU2 Fan Speed bar didn't disappear completely).

This does not change when i start an application that initiates the second card.

i have to shut down AIDA64 and restart it to get the panel to once again show GPU2 Diode temp

and GPU2 Fan Speed.

Now after i have restarted AIDA64 with GPU2 powered and have GPU2 info showing in the panel if i shut the app down and GPU2 is powered off it, of course, goes back to no info for GPU2.

But, at this point, if i restart the prog that initiates the second card then AIDA64 updates and properly shows the GPU2 Diode and GPU2 Fan Speed info without restarting AIDA64. So it seems it will only update and show the temp and fan speed

for GPU2 if it has seen the card already but not if the card appears "out of the blue".

Would this be a "bug"?


Here is after boot without GPU2 powered



Here is after boot with GPU2 powered.

Each card is 1GB and the Video Mem

guage shows over 1GB of memory used

indicating that GPU2 is powered.

(this is not the only indicator i have for GPU2 being powered)



Here is after restarting AIDA64 while

GPU2 is powered, everything is now working.


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Thanks for the work around Fiery. It worked.

The following also works for amd cards... 

Apparently the missing gpu problem is caused by ULPS which saves power by turning off the 2nd card.

This can be disabled in registry by searching for all instances of "EnableULPS" and changing the value from 1 (enabled) to 0 (disabled).

Do not change setting "EnableULPS_NA".

Love the panel!   :D

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