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Multiple Sensor Panels?


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I believe Fiery's recent reply to this question stands today:


Dug a bit from the past, but the official response appears an enthusiastic YES... is this still forthcoming?


We tend to re-shuffle our plans as times goes by, since many times a particular feature request goes higher or lower on our list of things to do. When a certain feature gets requested by many users (either here on the forums, or on other forums, or via our tech support), such features get assigned a higher priority. Sadly, due to resource constraints, that also means that we have to shelve or postpone other planned features that seem to be less popular among AIDA64 users. Right now we're quite busy with some major things coming, which are unfortunately not related to either multiple SensorPanels or the alerting facility. In AIDA64, a lot of things would deserve, worth or require improving or revamping, but our resources are quite tight, so we cannot do everything that would interest or even excite us, which is a shame :(

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