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Notebook GS70


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recently I bought MSI GS70 2pc  I tried to install AIDA64 extreme and run system stability test and checked all option and  ran for  3-6 mins and I stop it. do you think it could cause damage on my system?

 when i use CPUz and GPUz clock speed could not reach the maximum clock rate.   



Clock speed 2.6 GHz Turbo clock speed 3.6 GHz Cores Quad core GPU Clock: 797 MHz Boost Clock: 915 MHz Memory Clock: 1250 MHz 
5000 MHz effective



I need your support 


CPU: 2.26ghz 4720Hq haswell







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1) No, the AIDA64 System Stability Test didn't harm your system.

2) Maximums clocks cannot be achieved when all components of the system is under heavy stress. Turbo Boost cannot push the clocks to the maximum level when all cores are under such high level of load that AIDA64 puts on them.



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I run system stability I include GPU?

Yes, you should.

do you think if I do it again check all options including GPU and run it for 30 mins it will not harm my notebook?

As long as your notebook is properly constructed by MSI, our stress test wouldn't harm it. But, if you're afraid of it, just don't run the stress test ;)

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