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(Fixed) Pixel pipeline/ROP count on G31/G33 Chipset (Intel GMA 3100)


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Hi, I think that AIDA64 Pixel pipeline/ROP count in the Intel GMA 3100 video adapter is misreported. AIDA64 is reporting 8/8 (as the screenshot shows) but the correct is 4/4 (as GPU-Z screenshot shows). The confusion may be coming from the similarity named 4th generation Intel GMA X3100 (which really have 8 pixel pipeline) and is found only on G35 chipset and not on G31/G33 which uses the old GMA 3100 (based on 3rd generation GMA).


Screenshot of AIDA64 5.00.3300



Screenshot of GPU-Z 0.82



Wikipedia article about GMA 3100:



Which information is correct?


Best regards,



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