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Intel Core i7-5960X [Benchmarks AIDA64]

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The reference benchmarks list that you can find in AIDA64 only includes such systems that we have got in our R&D labs. Those systems are under our strict control to make sure the reference performance scores obtained on them are always dependable.

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And You could not ask for rent only for tests with ASUS, Intel and Corsair kit ASUS RVE + i7-5960X + Dominator Platinum 3000 C15 DDR4 Quad? I think these manufacturers You wouldn't have refused, as You are a respected developer of the popular software. Sorry for bad english, im russian.

Renting is not an option, since we would have to re-measure the benchmarks in the future when a particular benchmark method gets updated. Not to mention the cases when new benchmark methods are introduced. So renting wouldn't work, and those companies you mentioned do not have an incentive to provide us with hardware. BTW, in the benchmark reference list of AIDA64 we do have a Haswell-E based system, so the platform itself is not neglected by us. And by not using the highest end CPU available for a particular platform, AIDA64 users have a better chance to beat the reference results ;)

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