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Known viruses not displaying for Windows Defender

Fernando Gregoire

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When I go to the Security\Antivirus page on AIDA64, information of Known Viruses is not returned for Windows Defender on Windows 8.1. I am running another antivirus product and all its information is retrieved, but I would like to see virus database quality of WD on Windows 8.1 (the same as MSE for Vista/7) in comparison.

Thanks in advance!

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Please note that not all anti-virus software are capable of providing the known virus count to 3rd party applications like AIDA64. Approx. half of the anti-virus software that AIDA64 recognizes do not provide that information :(



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Thank you for your reply. Thinking on that, it is logic that AV vendors don't want to provide this information, since it could be used by competitors or even by rogue antivirus software. Probably, if AV companies are interested in showing that data, usually could provide this information in a proprietary UI with no APIs for interaction with other programs.

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