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Heatmaster 2 help


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You don't have to do anything else than enabling the mentioned option on the Stability page of the AIDA64 Preferences, and then restart AIDA64. Did you restart AIDA64 after altering that option? If yes, then do you have the USB driver installed for Heatmaster II? If yes, then please try to find the USB device on the Devices / USB Devices page in AIDA64, and copy-paste the information you can see in the bottom right window section into this topic.

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the device is a Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge. That's what it shows as does not say heatmaster II . Thanks


I can tell you it kind of sort of works. Heatmaster program cannot find the controller if I put the tick box on so it must be trying to access it.


Sent you the usb information in PM

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Update on this one . I turned the usb speed up all the way and it works. The only problem I can see so far is reading in rpm for the flow sensor and the refresh keeps taking me to the top of the sensor page. Renaming sensors a possibility would help also. This program is awesome.  

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Thank you for the feedback. Please make sure to use the default configuration settings for your Heatmaster 2, more specifically:

Baud Rate: 57600 bps

Parity: No Parity

Byte Size: 8

Stop Bits: One Stop Bit

You can alter the sensor labels only with the OSD Panel, LCD, SensorPanel and Desktop Gadget modules. On the Sensor page it's not possible to change the labels.

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