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Request: Date formatting

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Any chance of implementing date formatting into the LCD editor.


For example make it display like this:

Monday, 29.6.2015 or

Monday, 29.June.2015 or

Mon, 29.Jun.15


The formatting itself could be done like this:

DDD - display first 3 letters of day name (Mon)

DDDD - Display full day name

MMM - first 3 letters of month (Jun)

MMMM - full month name


dd - numeric day

mm - numeric month

yy - last two digits of year

yyyy - all four digits of year


So the end user can display the date in the way he prefers best, or even add multiple date items.

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I'm afraid date and time formatting is still not supported by AIDA64. We currently have no plans to implement such a sophisticated date formatting solution.



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