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Connect to RemoteSensor using Internet(Non Wifi)


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I figured id start my own topic since this may be off topic from the original sensor thread.



I live in the country where no high speed is available so I use my 4G Internet Phone to tether to play games online, and I wanted to use this to monitor the temps on my tablet while I play on the PC.


I am not really sure where to start, I tried changing port from 80 to 8080 or 8081 and also disabled the firewall on my PC(which ill be gaming on) and my tablet(used to monitor temps via Remote Sensor).


I got my IP addy from cmd/ipconfig and compared it to the Aida64 Summary and it matched, but it doesnt work just to type in the address on the tablet.


Can someone help me figure this out? This would be amazing if it could work out!




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What you need to do is open port 8080 (or 8081, it's your choice) in the firewall of your internet router, and tell the router that it should forward the traffic through that port to your main PC, on the same TCP/IP port. You may also need to set a fixed IP address for your PC inside your LAN too. Refer to the manual of your router for more details.



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Would my phone technically be the router ? So would I open port 8080 on my phone, and use a forwarding app to forward from Port 8080 to port 80?

Yes, in such case your phone is the router. But I don't think such ports have to be configured on the phone in any ways. Just specify port 8080 in the AIDA64 Preferences, and use the IP address with ":8080" in the web browser. However, your have to make sure your internet provider (the one that gave you the SIM card for your cell phone) doesn't limit or block traffic on non-standard TCP/IP ports.

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