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fixed: SensorPanel - right click to modify


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Right clicking a sensor panel item and selecting "Modify" brings up the settings dialog no problem, but the main control buttons (OK / Apply etc) are missing. Am running the latest stable version as at 4th October 2015. I have to use the tab button until the tab order moves one item past all visibly "tab-selected" and then hit enter, otherwise any settings changes are not saved.


In other words, is missing "OK" "Apply" "cancel" main buttons at the bottom.


Running Windows 10 Home 64bit. Licensed AIDA64 extreme.

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Apply button was never present on that dialog box ;) But only OK and Cancel. Maybe the dialog box is too large (too high in the vertical direction) and the buttons fall out of the visible Windows Desktop area? Can you please post a screenshot of the dialog box?

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I've attached a screenshot of the window missing the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons. Note I tried shrinking the window vertically (after the screenshot was taken) with no buttons appearing. Also, until now I never resized the windows at all, just left them at their defaults.


Running windows 10 64bit home version with a desktop scaling of 125% just FYI.




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