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installed windows on a "NEW" SSD and cant find old ".lglcd" file


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Hi there, just today i installed my windows on a new SSD.

i kept everything i had on my old SSD with windows (nothing got deleted what so ever)

problem is, i cant find the .lglcd file (the LCD file) i had on my old windows to import.


is there any other why to get it?


i tried to sreach my whole pc for ".lglcd" and only get some .dll files.


i would really hate having to redo it all again, it takes so long and it will never fill the same =(

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.lglcd files are only created when you export your LCD settings manually. If you never done that, or you did that sometimes in the past, then it's probably best to use the latest AIDA64.INI file. That file includes your current LCD configuration including the LCD layout(s) you have built.



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