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Some variables don't set everytime I reboot


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I reboot and some items I have used do not load


Basically, I have a Gigabyte ga-x99-ud4p motherboard and the follwing are 'iffy' to load:


Mother board name, sometimes, loads as 'Gigabyte will fill in'

memory temp


pch temerature

Fan#1, a chassis fan


With the exception of the first one, the remainder do not even show up in the selection list


I am running on a Samsung 87h with your driver, and a few times, one reboot, it doesn't even start, with the screen going into 'select a mode' screen, instead of just coming up.


And finally, what does 'package' mean? Like 'cpu package'?  My cpu1-6 are around 39, but cpu package is 46


Thanks, cool system!!!!!



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All those issues are due to a very rare anomaly that causes AIDA64 to misidentify the motherboard. Then sensor adjustments will not be used properly, and that will cause temperature and fan labelling issues, etc. In the past few weeks we've been trying desperately to reproduce the anomaly on our own test systems, but without luck so far. Can you please let us know more about your software configuration?

1) What Windows version do you have running? Do you have all security packs and hotfix updates applied?

2) Do you have UAC enabled?

3) When you say "I reboot", do you mean you perform shutdown and then start the machine again, or you perform a Windows restart?

4) Does the issue come up after every reboot, or only like 1 out of 5 reboots, or 1 out of 10 reboots?

5) Do you have AIDA64 configured to start automatically at Windows bootup?

6) What version of AIDA64 do you have installed? Did you install it using the EXE package, or just extracted the ZIP package into a folder? If the latter, then what folder do you have AIDA64 files in?

"CPU Package" is a value that is measured and reported by the CPU itself. It represents the overall CPU temperature, so it's not broken down to individual cores.

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ok, I'll try to answer:


1 - windows 10 pro.  It did just do a sr2, I think

2 - I get uac warning, no dim screen

3 - Windows restart

4 - 3 out of 10

5 - yes auto startup

6 - installed using the exe and the latest stable released version.  I only installed last week.


Also noticed my Corsair 110i cooler fans are listed correctly until program corsairlink starts, then they go to 0.

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Update - I have rebooted about 7 times, and now it never shows the problem I described.


Also, the Corsair pump/fan problem I described is a firmware bug in the H110iGTX unit. 

The older, more expensive to make unit, H110GT, doesnt have the bug.


FYI, the bug causes the cooler to NOT be linked to any alarm temps except the water temp, which is too slow to use to raise temp fans, so their answer was to set the temp fans to a temp way above idle, old unit idled at 800, step 1 was 1890, step 2 is 2980, so older unit is quiet, newer unit is idling at 1890


I just ordered the older 'new' unit, which should solve all the problems I have seen.

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