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Any way to build a small api to send items from other monitoring programs?


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That sounds good. I will try it over the next few days




This all works perfectly, immediate display updates, strings can be in boxes and graphic guagues etc work with the dw values


I have my program generate the batch file that sets the reg values and then calls it, with the batch file created on a ram disk.  It all works perfectly


So AIDA64 now not only monitors my hardware but monitors my production runs by checking jobs and pointing out problems!!!

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Did a bit more checking.


Almost right


I started AIDA64

I added str1 and dw1, added to page display, worked fine


Added a str2 and str3 value.  Aida64 sees them immediately, but if I use them in a field, the field goes blank, test/box/value, the whole item


So, I exit AIDA64 and restart it, still sees the str2 and str3, but the fields defined using them stay blank.  If I delete the fields and re-add, they stay and work fine.


So ADDING a new str or dw field after aida64 is up has a problem.  If you define all the items in the registry, before starting AIDA64, it works fine.


Then changes are picked up immediately from then on.

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I think the issue is because you've used empty string values during your test. When the strings have no value defined (but they exist in the Registry), then AIDA64 will automatically hide them from the SensorPanel or LCD. Strings must have a non-empty value to get them displayed on the SensorPanel/LCD.

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