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nMediaPC monitoring


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This device does bitmap or text processing.


You have your set to 20x2 text mode....Kind of limiting


Is there any way to get a bitmap written to it?  The monitor software they supply, although very dated, does do bitmap writes to it, giving you font/size/picture ability



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nMedia devices have character based (alphanumeric) displays. They do not support displaying bitmaps. What they do is a neat trick of defining custom characters, in order to show special visual effects. AIDA64 however does not support defining characters for any alphanumeric displays.



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AlphaCool used to sell a 200x64 pixels monochrome display, but AFAIK it's not sold anymore:


Mini-Box also has a picoLCD 256x64 monochrome display:


Aquaero 5 (256x64 pixels monochrome) is a nice multi-purpose device, although it's a bit expensive:


Also there's Matrix Orbital GX (240x64 pixels monochrome) that features a very fast USB protocol:


Then there's Crystalfontz CFA835 (244x68 pixels greyscale):


AIDA64 fully supports all those displays.

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