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Let's use the term anti-malware instead


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Instead of Anti-Virus, Anti-Trojan and Anti-Spyware, the term Anti-malware would be more precise because most of the security software that are used in computers, try to protect against all kinds of malware and not just viruses alone

Malware comprises of trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, ransomware and all other malicious software and so it's better to use the term anti-malware instead


AIDA64 detects eScan Total Security as an anti-virus but not as an anti-trojan or an anti-spyware whereas actually it is an anti-malware and therefore, it acts as an anti-trojan and an anti-spyware too

It detects K7 Ultimate Security and Kaspersky Internet Security just as anti-viruses too but like I said, they are not just anti-virus software but complete anti-malware just like eScan is


It will be a nice idea to club all these subcategories under anti-malware


So I was basically thinking of an option called anti-malware which could be hyperlinked and once clicked, it should bring up those subcategories

For instance, if I install Kaspersky Internet Security and I click the anti-malware hyperlink in AIDA64, here's what I should see

Anti-Trojan - Kaspersky Internet Security
Anti-Virus - Kaspersky Internet Security
Anti-Spyware - Kaspersky Internet Security


Similarly if I install just an anti-spyware, the same subcategories should appear but this time, the name of the anti-spyware should show up only for anti-spyware and not the other ones as illustrated below

Anti-Trojan - Blank 
Anti-Virus - Blank

Anti-Spyware - name of the anti-spyware

If both the anti-malware and anti-spyware are installed on the same computer, it should look like this


Anti-Trojan - name of the anti-malware
Anti-Virus - name of the anti-malware

Anti-Spyware - name of the anti-spyware & name of the anti-malware


I hope you get the point


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IMHO these days it's not even all that useful to use the terms anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-trojan. It's much easier to just call them security software. Perhaps firewall makes the most sense of them all. Most AIDA64 users only focus on the Security / Anti-Virus and Security / Firewall pages anyway, and they're most interested in seeing their anti-virus software up-to-date there. So even though I can see your point, IMHO it's best to keep things as is. It would be very difficult to make things right, by moving all those pages into a single page, due to technical difficulties (see below). And if the revamping is not about moving everything to a single page, then it doesn't worth the efforts.

As for technical difficulties: the biggest issue is that there's no generic API for security software. So it's not possible to simply enumerate all security software that may be installed on a PC, and see which ones are capable of which security features. It means you have to implement special code path for all security software products, one by one, and use special tricks to detect security software properties. And with most of those software it's not possible to detect which capabilities are supported by the software, e.g. if it is an anti-spyware or anti-trojan capable product, or "just an anti-virus" software. What you can see in AIDA64 is the best we can do about this, until one day Microsoft comes up with a generic API for security software... ;)

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