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Maximum indicator on bar widgets


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I would love to have an option for the bar widget where i can state a timespan (in seconds) for which it will leave the last stripe on to indicate the maximum sensor value of that timespan. That would look much like an audio VU-Meter with a configurable delay period. A value of "0" could be used for a session maximum indicator (i.e. the maximum value since start of the AIDA64 monitoring task). 


Too bad that Christmas is just over...  -_-  :D

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This cannot be done right now, simply because the AIDA64 hardware monitor module doesn't manage a history of values. So it's not possible to indicate the maximum value for the session.

We would need to completely revamp the hardware monitor module to make it possible. We'll see when can we get there, since nowadays we're rather busy with a lot of ongoing projects...



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