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fixed: It's not detecting Bitdefender 2016 now


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It is Windows 10 64 bit and it is activated. I used to have all the latest updates and then some corruptions occurred which led me to format my primary disk and reinstall Windows 10 

I currently do not have the November update installed yet which Microsoft calls a major one.

just in case you want to know about this update - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/windows-10/windows-update-faq

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It's odd. We've just checked BitDefender 2016 Total Security under both Win7 64-bit and Win10 64-bit, and for us AIDA64 detected it just fine. Did you do a clean and standard (default) installation of BitDefender? Or did you perform an upgrade?

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Hi, I just uninstalled Bitdedender and reinstalled it from scratch and saw that AIDA64 was able to detect it but, this was short-lived.


I updated its virus definitions and rebooted the system because the update required a restart and since the restart, AIDA64 has not been able to detect the software.


I also noticed that after I had just installed the antivirus, it said "Bitdefender TOTAL SECURITY 2016" at the top of its interface and this is when AIDA64 was able to detect it, but since the reboot, it says "Bitdefender TOTAL SECURITY 2016 NOT FOR RESALE"

The "NOT FOR RESALE" part is reserved for their promotional giveaways 

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