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DDR3 results suspiciously low

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Hi there, I have one problem and I think you guys/girls can help me out with it. My "Cache and memory benchmark" results are low, at least I think they are low,especially "write speed" and latency. I tried changing timings, voltage and nothing helped. Default timings are 13-11-10-30 CR1.With 10-10-10-28 CR1 I managed to lower the latency for a bit and that's it. Please, if you can, help. Thank you in advance.


I forgot to write modules name: Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz 3x8Gb


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Our FX-8350 based, Dual Channel DDR3-1866 system that uses slightly different RAM latency settings (9-10-9-27 CR2) than yours can push:

Memory Read: 26426 MB/s

Memory Write: 17328 MB/s

Memory Copy: 22802 MB/s

Memory Latency: 61.6 ns

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Try increasing NB speed to 2400 or higher. You may have to raise CPU/NB voltage in order to pass the benchmark after this or to even boot properly (try 0.025 increments until it stabilizes). The highest I was able to push my NB was 2700 and it took almost 1.4V on the CPU/NB to get it to boot and benchmark, but the difference was night and day in the benchmarks.

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