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NZXT GRID+ V2 Support


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We currently have no technical details on how to access sensor readings of GRID devices (ie. how to talk to them via the USB connection). We'll need to get one and try it out, to see if we can communicate with it from AIDA64.

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Hello Fiery

I unfortunately had to do an RMA for the GRID+ V2.

In its little monitor program the wattage used and RPM for the 5 fans attached went out of bounds and a 6th ghost fan was shown as being attached.

At this point i shut down the pc and removed the device.

I really like being able to set individual fans to respond to either the CPU or GPU so im going to try again.

So in my RMA to NZXT i said this...


      There is a program called AIDA64 Extreme which im sure is popular among the people who would buy the GRID+ V2. 

It would be nice to be able to show the fan speeds from the GRID+ V2 in AIDA64.
I know the people at AIDA64 would be very happy to do this if provided the pertinent information. 
I hope my assumption that this would be welcome by you is correct.
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We've implemented support for NZXT GRID+ V2 in the latest AIDA64 Extreme beta update available for download at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Please note that first you need to enable GRID+ V2 sensor support in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and restart AIDA64.

Let me know how it works.

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Well i finally got my RMA back. Installed the fan controler and cam software and drivers.

Installed beta version of AIDA64 and turned on grid monitoring.

Sensor panel would frequently not refresh to reflect changes, ie moving an item while CAM software was active.

Would sporadically show fans 21 to 26, i have 5 fans plugged in with the first fan controller (20) not used.

Have not successfully gotten fan speeds to display in AIDA64.

Hoping this is fixable as the cam software is not customizable and, subjectively, a little ugly.

I have always found the fan controller on the mb to work well.

the only reason im using this grid thing is because it allows fan speeds to be individually controlled by cpu or gpu.

looking forward to the day when this is available on mb controllers.


p.s.- when i sent in my aforementioned comment to nzxt i got a reply from george perez stating...


"Oh yes we can go ahead and do that sir no problem whatsoever that would be

great to collaborate with a third party software i can go ahead and

forward this to our Development team."


Not only is his punctuation nonexistant, but i think he was being sarcastic!


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All I can tell you is that sadly it's quite normal with fan controllers and smart PSUs that the manufacturer supplied software collides with any 3rd party software that tries to talk to the device. So if you close CAM, it should work with AIDA64. If you keep both software running, AIDA64 readings can only be accurate in case CAM implements the necessary synchronization mutexes. 3rd party monitoring software like AIDA64, CoreTemp, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, HWiNFO, HWMonitor, SIV (etc) are all synchronized with each other to assure they wouldn't collide when talking to various hardware. Unfortunately most hardware manufacturers develop their own monitoring software in a way that they don't really care about 3rd party monitoring software. So they don't care about synchronizing their software with any other monitoring software out there. In case NZXT is the unique exception who would be willing to implement the necessary mutexes, we would of course be more than happy to work with them. Please note that the necessary job to do is merely adding no more than 10 lines of code to the existing CAM sources. So it's not a huge job, it's not even a sizable amount of coding necessary.

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Well the fan speeds showed after i turned off the cam software but i think that might turn off the custom fan profiles?

Also noticed with the cam software on my disk activity in AIDA went away.

Anyway, cam software often looses connectivity with the individual fans and sometimes a fan will speed up to full for no reason.

I never have any of these problems with my MB fan controller so the NZXT GRID+ V2 is officially awarded with the esteemed designation of


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Well the fan speeds showed after i turned off the cam software but i think that might turn off the custom fan profiles?

It depends on how CAM works. If it keeps the last fan duty cycle setting active after you close it, then it should be fine. However, in case it restores the fan speeds to a fixed 100% when you close it, then it's quite a bad implementation ;)

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