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Does LCD work when PC is locked?


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   I'm thinking about buying AIDA64 and a LCD display.  Does the LCD work and update when the computer is locked?  (Not locked up or frozen but locked as in hitting Windows Key + L)  One thing that drives me nuts about the LCD on my Logitech G510 is that when you lock the PC, it blanks the LCD (using the stock software).  I want to see my CPU/RAM use or what track is playing in Winamp at all times.


BTW, I apologize if this question has been asked before.  I did a search but didn't see anything.




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AIDA64 works via the Logitech LCD API. In case Logitech Gaming Software blanks the LCD in locked mode, it may also prevent AIDA64 from communicating with the LCD. But, you can try AIDA64 for 30 days in trial mode, so make sure to download it, and check it out thoroughly before acquiring a license ;)



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Thanks Fiery.  I was just using the Logitech as an example.  Sounds like a limitation with their software.  How about other displays?  I was looking at either one of those eBay color LCD displays or maybe a graphic LCD display.



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In general, as long as the computer is not sleeping, AIDA64 should be able to communicate with non-Logitech LCD devices while the computer is locked.

LCDsysinfo devices are not supported directly by AIDA64. Those devices come with a software that can communicate with AIDA64 and put the values provided by AIDA64 to the LCD screens. However, it means you have to rely on their software and its capabilities to support system locking.

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