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CPU Utilization Explaination


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First,excuse for my bad english :)


I have a i7-5930K and wanted to know which cpu utilization is tied to which cpu cores.


6 physical cores so 12 logicals.


cpu1 utilization

cpu 2 utilization

cpu3 utilization


cpu 12 utilization.


so Core #1 ,Core #2 ect... is tied ti which cpu? utilization ?


and when i look at logical core utilization in Sysinternals Process Explorer ,comparing value, i cant seems to find the same reading for all logical cores in Aida64


Thank you !

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You can find out about the assignments if you look at the bottom of the Motherboard / CPU page. The first utilization value is Logical CPU1 there, the second is CPU2, and the last one is CPU12.



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