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publish data to perfmon and snmp


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There are already options to publish hardware information to a bunch of different places, however there are two other places that would still be useful.

First, the data should be pushed to the perfmon subsystem so that the Windows built-in tools can access the information directly. For example, the Win7 Performance Monitor application under the Management system could use this data to build graphs for for CPU clock speed and temperature. There are many tools that use perfmon data in this way. WMI gets you part of the way there but until the data is published as perfmon classes it will always be less useful.

Similarly it would be nice to see an AIDA64 SNMP extension DLL that added well-known OIDs for different counters. The existing Windows SNMP agent can be used for the main interface, so all you need is an extension agent. I can help you figure out issues such as OID namespace and MIB structure if you think it would be helpful.

In conjunction with the ability to run as a service, both of these would open AIDA64 to full-time deep monitoring of always-on systems

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Thank you for the suggestion, but due to a long line of feature requests piling up on our "desks", well only be able to start working on perfmon support as early as January :( I'll keep you posted in this topic.

What's the current plan for this? I need to convert my Cacti scripts from Everest to AIDA64 but the WBEM interface has proven very unreliable due to DCOM security, and I would prefer to use some other interface.

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Here's a bump and request for an SNMP extension.

We have a lot of workstations running 24/7 at work and it would be awesome to be able to add them to our monitoring system and be able to trigger alarms on different thresholds for example fans, temperature and even voltages. Predicting problems before a total hardware failure is always nice. Since most monitoring systems use SNMP polling for network hardware and server hardware monitoring, an SNMP extension would be ideal for us.

And there must be loads of other companies that would want the same. I refuse to believe i'm almost alone in wanting this :rolleyes:

I'm a sysadmin, and my programming skills are limited to shell scripts, perl, php, some basic C/C++ and C# .NET so i can't really comment on the effort of coding an SNMP extension. But since Windows SNMP implementation is pretty decent, i don't think this task is too overwhelming.

Regarding OID namespace and such.. Private Enterprise Numbers are free to register (we've done it for our company). The registration is done at IANA: http://pen.iana.org/pen/PenApplication.page

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