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missing dll


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i m new

from holland 

so i try to exsplane my problem.

maby there is already a topic.


i use a logitech g19 s

and of cors i instal aida64  v 560 3700

using win 10 for the first time


i get a error: cannot load DLL  lglcdapi .when i enable logitech LCD support in Aida64.

i didn't have this issu befor ,in win  7.

i realy want to fix,

but i need help





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i copy past your link aida64 beta

 and use your link and restart


but stil in aida64 preference /lcd/ enable logitech lcd g15/g19


get error ;cannot load dll  LgLcdApi


i notis when i select my mouse richt  klick over the icon taskbar on aida64 icon

i get on my LCD screen a message  profile activaded  aida64



ok ok

i try and try.


its working nou

  i also uninstal the logitech keboard drivers and re instal it  ,and restart the cpu.after loading all things  and i get finely on screen display the message aida64  in bleu back round  ...nice


thank you .good work.

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The DLL is part of Logitech Gaming Software, and it is linked with other modules of LGS. So it's not possible to copy it over from a different source. Reinstalling LGS usually fixes the issue, just as it did in your case ;)

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