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Basic Setup for monitoring CPU and GPU temps?


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Forgive my ignorance, after much research im still a bit lost. 


considering something like this:



or, ideally, this:




am i correct in understanding that those both still need a second bit of hardware? could anyone make recommendations for a cheap setup, say under 50usd? like i said, it only need to monitor 2 temps for me, though i could probably find other things to monitor also if there was a recommendation with more screen real estate.




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1) The linked Adafruit device is only a LCD module that you cannot connect via USB. You need a device with the following USB backpack to work as a standalone LCD screen connected via USB and ready to be used by AIDA64:


You may also want to order an acrylic stand for it:


2) Odroid-Show and Odroid-Show2 would work without any additional hardware. But, please note that they feature a very slow serial protocol, and so screen update rate with AIDA64 is only approx. 1/3 FPS

3) If you only want to output a few data to an external LCD, and you don't need native support for the screen in AIDA64, then LCDsysinfo may also work:


But I'd like to stress the fact that since LCDsysinfo developers refuse to publish the protocol used by their devices, we cannot support those devices natively in AIDA64. It will still work fine using LCDsysinfo's own software though.

4) There's also picoLCD 20x2 OEM which is fully supported by AIDA64:


5) If you're willing to spend a bit more on the display, there's a great picoLCD graphical device, also fully supported by AIDA64:


6) And for quite a bit more there're stunning graphical OLED options from Yoctopuce, fully supported by AIDA64:


I hope this helps ;)

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