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fixed: AX206 LCD display reconnect issue


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I have configured the AX206 LCD display , but AIDA64 fails to initialize the LCD after me unplug and re-plug it.

I tested with the LibUSB-Win32 official tool "testlibusb-win", the LCD display can be detected immediately after re-plug.


The resolution is to close and restart AIDA64.


Machine spec. :



Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 10.0.10240.16771 (Win10 TH1)

AIDA64 version 5.70.3800

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That's normal, since hot-plug support for AX206 LCD is not yet implemented in AIDA64. It will be implemented though in the next AIDA64 beta update due in a few days from now ;) I'll post a message into this topic once the new beta is available for download.

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Thank you for your hard working, the hot-plug function works well :D. But i found it doesn't work when computer wake up from sleep mode (Sleep to RAM).

Thank you for the feedback. Do you mean automatic sleep after a certain period of time, as configured in Windows power settings? Do you have a desktop or mobile system?

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