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Actual big displays for monitoring


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Hello Aida-Team,


First i have to give you a great feedback with the monitoring options until yet. I used my old Logitech G19 a long time for monitoring my whole temps and datas and it was great! Actually i use the Madcatz Strike 7 and the pro is that i got a bigger screen now and i can display more informations on it. BUT! The bugs in this software from madcatz are so huge as the keyboard huge is. The App is sometimes closing without any message. Sometimes i have to unplug the whole keyboard because a blinking cursor is the only thing i see on the display. And last but not least everytime after the windows start i have manually start the aida64 app on the keyboard...


Now its time to step up. So i want a bigger Display that could deliver more informations. First i tought on a Samsung picture frame. But they are totally selled out. I found some on Ebay but there is a software flashed called "LCD4Linux". Don't know if the monitoring will work then, too.

Maybe this will work: http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/MzY1OTgxOTk-/Bauelemente_Bauteile/Entwicklerboards/Odroid/17_8_cm_7_Multitouch_TFT_Display_mit_HDMI_Anschluss_ODROID_VU7.html

I found you will support odroid. This above is an Odroid. It would be great if it will work!


Iam searching simply a big display with about 800x600 or more and this display should begin monitoring with the start of the Windows and Aida64.


I added some photos of my massive Data from my monster Rig and my actually Venom Display.


post-28769-0-71848300-1463694837_thumb.jpg post-28769-0-10025900-1463694838_thumb.jpg


Is there anything what you could recommend for my usage and what i actually could buy in Germany?

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Samsung SPF picture frames would work fine, although a few users complain about the device overheating under constant communication with AIDA64 -- clearly a hardware issue.

As for Odroid, we support Odroid-Show natively in AIDA64, but those are small displays VU7 seems to support direct HDMI connection, so it would work as a secondary monitor. In other words, you can expand your Windows Desktop to that display, and you won't even need to use the AIDA64 LCD module. You can instead use the AIDA64 SensorPanel feature, and import your previous LCD layout to there. Those true monitor displays are the best devices out there, although some could cost a lot of $$.

You can also use virtually any DSub, DVI, HDMI or USB connected monitors in the same way as the VU7. Sometimes you can pick up 2nd hand 17-inch LCD monitors for as low as US$20. They could provide a huge space to place your sensor readings as well ;)

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An overheating issue with the SPF picture frames? I found now an ebay offer with a SPF 83H and i get it yesterday morning. So which models got these overheating issues? What do you mean exactly with overheating? Maybe i could add a better cooler to the transistors or ic's? Any Tips for me?


Because it will definately run under constant communication 24/7


Greetings and thanks so for for your help!

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Hey Fiery,


I got the SPF 83H device. But Aida64 says always error: uSB device not found. The Picture frame is always in mass storage mode. In my Device Manager is only shown up a mass storage device under USB-Devices and i found all card slots in the category drives, nothing else. I installed the libusb0 drivers in the aida folder, but i have actually no option to set the device in monitor mode. I tried to install the samsung frame software then, but i added the errormessage which happens during the installation. I can't start the installed Frame Manager now, nothing happened when i double click on it. Actually here works only the Mass storage Mode and i can't turn in monitor mode!?




Where is my fault?


I opened the device now and i found an big "magic pixel" controller. This controller is about 45° Celsius in idle. Maybe it must be cooled in action. If my frame finally works, i'll make some pictures of the cooling i want to add then.



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It should be possible to turn the device on in mini-monitor mode, or change the operation mode while it's on, using the buttons of the SPF device. Once the device is switched to mini-monitor mode, you should be able to install the SPF drivers we've put together. BTW, when you start AIDA64 and enable Samsung SPF LCD support, and it detects a SPF device in mass-storage mode, it should initiate the transition into mini-monitor mode, to ease the process of installing the driver. However, for your device maybe that transition cannot be initiated by a Windows software :(

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OK iam a bit closer to the goal. I flashed the actually Firmware on the Device. If i connect the frame to the computer and start AIDA i hear that aida changes after some seconds the mode of the frame. In my Devicemanager is now a device called "Samsung digital photo frame". But i can't install the Driver which you offer. There pops an error up during the installation of the driver which means translated "the driver you want to install is the right but during the intallation occured an error". AIDA64 says in the LCD section "USB device not found".


What can i do here?


EDIT: On my laptop (Win 10 x64 also but only home version) is it working! About 2 Minutes and the frame shows the aida64 logo. So now we could be sure, that the device is working with your drivers. But it needs to be run on my computer, where i need it. So the problem is on my big computer clearly it doesn't accept the driver. I hope that you could tell me what i can do now.



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Its Done!!!


i've searched to all libusb0.dll and libusb0.sys files on my laptop. Then i've copied these files in the directorys to my computer

Then you have to copie the oemxx.inf and the oemxx.pnf (located in C:\Windows\INF\) which includes the information from the samsung frame to the computer and change the number to the next free number. For me it was oem53.inf on my laptop. I've changed the name to oem64.inf. The .pnf file which has the same number i can't open, but it is needed in any case, so i copied it, too.


Then i've browsed trough the registry and searched for "vid_04e8&pid_200d" in my laptop and copied all necessary entrys from there, which had anything to do with the samsung device. I found the following entrys:







Important thing is to change the xxoem.inf information to the value you have changed above.


Hope i haven't forgot anything what i've done...


Then starting the frame and everything works! I've spent an huge amount of time, but now it works finally!



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