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Feature request, more control over sensor display


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 First, I want to give the developers of this software a thumbs up for the work they do with this software and mostly for the good care that they give to the comunity. I really apreciate how fast you give answers to all the questions posted. Thank you for that!

 The reason that I`ve bought the software is its great flexibility in outputing the sensor values to different displays. In that regard, after reading some of the post, I understand that you try to follow the market by giving atention to RemoteSensor, more than the Sensor Panel.

 If I am correct, I would like to know if you could implement more control over this, like allowing html and css input so that more interesting ways of displaying the values could be use.

  I would like to have some conditional formating options ( like changing the color of text at certain thresholds, etc., similar to what could be done with LCDhost for Logitech G19s keyboards).

 If you have other sugestion about the way I could go to achieve that, please let me know.


I am also exploring Roccat Power-Grid, looks much more promising than Arx Control from Logitech. It would be dificult to offer suport for that? I think that would help alot in doing fast verry interesting monitoring grids that anyone could use. From what I have red in the pdf help for the SDK, a dll that would give acces to all Aida64 sensors should be easy enough to write ( for someone with experience, meaning not me ;) ).


Thank you!

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Conditional formatting would make the LCD rendering module quite a bit more complicated, and it's already too complicated :( And you can already use different limit colours for bars, and also custom gauge states to indicate too high or too low readings with different colour. For example, with custom gauges you can even make a long thick red line that would only appear under (or next to) a label when the temperature is above 60 Celsius. You can also make a custom gauge that appears as a red box around a label, but only when the fan stops, etc.

As for Power-Grid, we've checked it last year, but it seemed a lot more complicated to implement than Arx. So we've opted to stay with Arx and RemoteSensor. In our opinion those 2 options are fine for most users, and there's very little room where neither of those 2 work properly in case of mobile device based monitoring.

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