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here is my rig :

ASUS X99-Deluxe II

i7-5930K @ Core=4.5GHz / Cache = 4.5GHz @ Vccin=1.8V / Vcore=1.17V / Vcache = 1.2V

RAM G.SKILL @ 3200MHz @ 1.35V


Here is a screenshot at idle :




What is CPU Package ?

Why is it so high versus Core temps ?


Is this an issue ?


EIST and C-States are enabled


Thank you

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CPU Package is the temperature provided by the CPU itself. It has a built-in digital thermal diode that provides the temperature reading that AIDA64 then displays as "CPU Package".

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thank yoiu.

You mean it is Tcase ?


On HWInfo forum, it is explained that CPU Package is a 256 ms average of the hottest sensor in the CPU - so the max among all IA Cores, iGPU, Uncore, etc.

And they say it is not Tcase.


So also what is "Processur" value ?


I have used Intel Extreme tuning Utility and they have also a "CPU Package" parameter which is 5°C below your value.


I don't underdstand how I can have core max temp under load at 75°C and Tcase at 80°C....


Tcase should be worst case = Tcore max....

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CPU Package is not Tcase. It's what was explained on the other forum.

Processur (or "CPU") is provided by the sensor chip integrated on your motherboard.

I can't comment on Intel XTU, since it's not our software. It may use an offset value of minus 5 Celsius on the actual CPU Package reading though. But that's just a theory.

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You only need to worry -- slightly -- in case your CPU throttles under heavy load. You can check the throttling state (in %) in AIDA64 / main menu / Tools / System Stability Test.

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