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New features vis-à-vis old Everest


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Apart from the 64-bit testing and new hardware recognition, where can I find a listing of features added to AIDA64 relative to the last Everest/Everest Beta. Messing around with settings I came across the "Alerting" feature which I find very useful. I'm not even sure if this is a new feature or I missed it in Everest even though I had used Everest for many many years.


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Since this is a brand new product, we don't publish all small details we introduced in AIDA64. The major improvements are well documented in our press release:


And also on the "what's new" page:


Besides them, we've spent endless hours optimizing the sensor code, e.g. making AMD Radeon HD 5xxx support a lot faster. We've also made the PCI scanning module faster, to make the application start-up considerably quicker than before, especially on Core i3/i5/i7 systems. The Preferences changed a bit too, but the small touches here and there mostly serve optimization purposes, and involve no major functionality changes.

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