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Upgrading To Gigabit Ethernet - Taxing overclock

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I have a computer in a setting with 6 monitors show video (Sometimes 4k is in the mix) and the video is over network share.


The video was choppy and i realized that my network was getting pegged at 100mb.   I ran all new wires and made sure everything was on gigabit Ethernet.  Now it is much smoother.


The problem now is that my slightly overclocked computer hangs sometimes.  I believe it's because the machine is getting taxed with the flood of new data from the ethernet card and it didn't have to work so hard before.


The question i have is, Do you believe this would be because of the overclocking on the CPU or because one of the video cards is old?


I have an older video (NVS 450) card and a new card (Radeon R9 390).


Trying to narrow this down.  Thanks for any expertise.

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