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Misleading resolution


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windows 10 introduced a brand new way to managing the screen resolution, windows, apps and text zooming and this run into confusion the user and aida64 too.


(quick explanation of new windows 10 high res managing)


Previous windows 10, the user has the ability to modify the DPI size of texts in order to increase their physical dimension when high resolutions are activated, but this most of the time broke the application functionality as enlarging the texts and reducing the application windows sizes, due to increased resolution, always lead text out of application windows areas. Of course the user can manually modify the applied autozoom, even disabling, but infact is damn useful and work pretty well 



The problem is this

if I use a resolution of 1920x1080, aida64 reports it correclty




if i rise the desktop resolution to 4k (i.e. 3840 x 2160, and of course i have a 4k monitor) suddenly windows detect this and triger the zooming function, enlargin everything to 225%.


so even if my monitor report on the OSD 3840x2160 60hz resolution, aida shows 


1707 x 960


and if you make the calculation... 1707 / 100 x 225% = 3840  and 960 / 100 x 225% = 2160 that is exactly the 4k resolution that I had defined.


Aida64 infact is right, it is deceived by windows.... 


MY FIRST REQUEST IS: Is it possibile to insert a new function in aida64 in order to show BOTH resolutions ? suggestion "windows desktop resolution" and "monitor resolution"



In the situation described above, if i start a full screen application, like a game and the game run in 4k, Aida64 continues to show the desktop resolution 1707x960 no the new full screen resolution imposed by  the game.


can this be fixed, or a new parameter inserted in the aide64 ? suggestion "full screen application resolution"


Thanks for your help






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We've tried to implement a workaround for such situations by doing exactly what you explained, ie. multiplying the reported resolution by the DPI scale percentage. But, it doesn't always result in the right resolution, e.g. 1707 * 2.25 = 3841 pixels (rounded). And since Windows supports any kind of Desktop resolution, it is not safe to assume the Desktop must be e.g. 3840 pixels wide, and that it cannot be 3841 pixels wide.

Monitor resolution should be shown on the Display / Monitor page.

AFAIK it's not possible to detect the full-screen resolution when you're running another software (not AIDA64) in the foreground.

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