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which mobo is ok to use


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please bear with me a bit


I would like to get a new mobo, the Maximus viii Hero Alpha


I saw this & other posts relating to Asus Maximus sensors:


"On Asus Maximus VIII Extreme and Maximus VIII Formula motherboards T_Sensor2 and T_Sensor3 temperature readings can only be read by EC bank switching mechanism. That however can collide with Asus AI Suite software and cause a system lockup. So AIDA64 doesn't risk bank switching to make sure system stability is not jeopardized. We're in discussion with Asus about this issue, we'll see if we can convince them to work together on resolving this"


If I buy the Asus Maximus Hero Alpha version what are the chances some sensors wont work ?


what I dont understand is that some posts that mention the same mobos do not share the same errors or sensor issues


many in  fact have been fixed..


Other Hero mobos on the forum here also have different sensor issues too


but these are also fixed pretty much ok


lets hope Asus fixes this


should I just get the mobo & find out the hard way ?


Is there a way to check mobo sensor compatibility to some degree, without the mobo ?


PCH Core temperature is motherboard specific ?????




PCH Core temperature is motherboard specific ?????

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Only the high-end Asus ROG motherboards suffer from such issues about EC bank switching. AFAIK Maximus VIII Gene, Hero, Hero Alpha, Impact, and Ranger boards do not use such mechanism.

PCH Core and PCH Diode temperatures are both motherboard specific.



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