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Malwarebytes flags AIDA64 Beta Build 3958


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Yes, it is a false positive. Just let it submit the file to Malwarebytes.

AIDA64 files got considerably bigger because we're in the process of implementing DPI scaling (DPI awareness) in AIDA64. And it requires adding high-resolution versions of the existing graphical content (e.g. splash screen, report wizard theme image, About box logo, CPUID Panel background, icons, etc). And since we need to prepare AIDA64 to scale to 400% and even beyond that, we need to add quite large images to the resources of the main module (AIDA64.EXE) as well as to existing DLL resource modules. But don't worry, it doesn't mean AIDA64 would load those images to RAM all the time :) They are only used when such high DPI setting is actually in use, and even so only one of the high-resolution images is loaded, not all of them.

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Did you include help file in this beta version cause now i dont have any help files for qm

Yes, it should still be there. However, you may need to unblock access to the file by navigating to the installation folder of AIDA64, finding the AIDA64.CHM help file --> right-click context menu --> Properties --> Unblock (checkbox) --> OK.

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