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Licensing question


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Hello! I have the 1.70.1400 stable version of the business package. I'm in an office with 50 other computers which has AIDA executed through group policy in active directory; I have actually a batch script which copies the direct-executable package (the .zip one) locally in each computer and then executed every login in silent mode.

Now the problem is the licensing, do I have to manually go through each computer to enter the license? (This is a problem, because of the number of computers)

Thanks in advance.

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I think you basically have 2 options:

1) You can enter the AIDA64 product key in one of the AIDA64 copies. It will create a PKEY.TXT file in the AIDA64 folder on that specific computer. Then you can simply copy that file onto all other computers, into the local AIDA64 installation folder.

2) Or, better yet, you can switch from using 50 local copies of AIDA64, and launch AIDA64 from a central place (e.g. a shared folder on one of your file servers) using a UNC path. That way managing licenses, adjusting settings, and upgrading to new versions are very easy, since you only have to adjust a single installation of AIDA64.

If you go for #2, make sure to properly set security options for the shared AIDA64 folder, providing read-only access (and not read-write access) to your network users.



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