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Conflict between AIDA64 & Asus AI Suite 2

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Fiery need advice here,

Im using aida as you know for monitoring system, I'm also using AISuite2 to control my fan speeds (header fans 1-3) for some reason Asus has used bios to control the chassis headers 1-3 but used AIsuite2 to control Header fans 1-3. My problem is when i run both softwares (Aida64 & AiSuite2) i get a conflict where Aida will after a short time return 0's on most my sensor readings. Now i dont have this problem when AIsuite2 is not installed so clearly there is a conflict between both sofwares. Is there away you guys can implement fan control with Aida64's inviroment? or is there a way to prevent this conflict.?

If you need any sys info please do let me know.


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We already have an option in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability called "SMBus access through ACPI" to avoid conflicts with Asus' own monitoring and tweaking software. Please try to enable that option, restart AIDA64, and check if fixes the issues. Please note that it may or may not work on your motherboard, due to differences in ACPI implementation by Asus across various Asus-made motherboards.

BTW, just like most Windows monitoring, tweaking and oveclocking software, AIDA64 uses standard mutexes to avoid conflicts with other similar purpose Windows software:


Even though the developers behind those synchronized software asked Asus numerous times to implement those mutexes in Asus monitoring software, Asus still refuse to do so. It makes avoiding such conflicts a very tough, almost impossible job ;)

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Hi Fiery, I do have that option checked but still getting conflicts. In truth the easy way around this would have been for Asus to have allowed users to controlle all the fan headers via the bios. For some reason half the headers are controlled via bios and the other half is controlled via AISuite2. Makes no sense to me. ;) So is there away you guys can implement fan controll via Aida64? this way one does not have to use AISuite2 at all.:)

Thanks for your responce.!

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