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Custom Sensor Item/Reading


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I'm yet to find a piece of sensor monitoring software that can do this and I think it could be useful in many situations.

My Idea is the ability to create a custom virtual sensor item, you can then select multiple real sensors of the same type (multiple temp or rpm readings for example) and then select weather you would like the virtual sensor item to output the highest value, lowest value, add values together or an average of all values.

The situation I would find it useful would be the ability to create a virtual hard drive sensor, then select all the drives in my case and output the highest temp. I could then link the RPM of the fans to the hottest hard drive using an aquaero fan controller. Aquaero have a virtual temp feature built in but its limited to 3 hardware sensors.

Other examples off the top of my head... Average download/upload speed of multiple network controllers or just add them together to output to the sensor panel. Average multiple fan RPM's to give an overall average intake RPM and exhaust RPM.

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