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fixed: Disks read/write sensors disappeared (aquasuite 2017)


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all my disk read/write sensors has disappeared from both sensorpanel and logitech LCD. Can't find them anymore in sensors list.

I just installed an aquaero with its aquasuite software, coincidence ?
BTW I can see aquaero sensors with correct readings in AIDA64.

Is there another setting I missed to get disks R/W sensors ?

Thanks for your help.

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Aquasuite opens the drives and gains exclusive access to them, so that explains why AIDA64 cannot access the drive activity statistics. Aquacomputer needs to fix their service to enable concurrent access to drive activity statistics.


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Thanks for your answer !

I've just tested with HWiNFO64 and it can read disk activity and rates while aquasuite service is running.
Maybe they use a trick to get those info you could use in AIDA64 too ?

I'll wait for your answer before contacting Aquacomputer.

Best regards.

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20 hours ago, Dav' said:

Hi Fiery,

Seems you fixed it, all my disk readings are back and aqua computer service is running.
BTW thanks for adding temperature sources, really handy to know if they come from motherboard, aquaero or MPS.

Thank you very much ! ^_^

Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad you like the way we steer the development of AIDA64 ;)

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