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Sensor values to Rivatuner OSD Server


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Hello, I'm using Rivatuner Statistics Server version and AIDA64 Extreme version 5.80.4000. I have an issue where when using preferences> External applications > enable writing sensor values to Rivatuner OSD Server, if I leave "Display labels" unchecked then all of the values I have chosen to show will show, however if I check "Display labels" then specifically my cooling fans and CPU core voltage will not show at all. I would like to have the labels showing because it makes it easier for me to read and not have to remember what each value relates to.

I have tried this with all four of the checkboxes selected under "External Applications" ie. shared memory, registry, WMI and obviously Rivatuner OSD Server as well as with only Rivatuner OSD Server selected and always get the same issue explained above.

Hopefully it's just something I've failed to see, any help or suggestions would be great, Thank you.

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7 hours ago, Aidaknow said:

I see, makes sense, thanks for the reply Fiery, is there any way it might be possible to make the description of the values customisable so they could be abbreviated and therefore fit on screen?

It's not possible right now.  We may enable that in the near future though, along with RTSS OSD label styling.

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