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Localization of documentation

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Considering that AIDA64 is available in multiple languages, it would be nice to enhance this experience even more by providing localized help too.

As there is a Language folder for the various UI translation files, there could be another folder named Help containing the CHM ones. To keep localized manuals up to date, you could use the same *** marking used in language files, but inside <! tags before the changed lines; if during development this is not as easy as for language files, translators may use file comparing tools.

EULAs in different languages, of course, would include a link to the English version of the agreement, since in case of conflicts between a translated version and the English one this is the controlling document.


Thanks a lot!

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We currently have no plans to localize the documentation, simply because it would be an enermous task to perform for all the 35 languages AIDA64 is localized to.  And it will be an even more difficult task to keep the localized documentation up-to-date and accurate.

We will however need to work on localizing the external modules of AIDA64 (e.g. CPUID Panel, Cache & Memory Benchmark Panel, System Stability Test, etc), as well as on completely revamping the current UI paradigm of our software.  Stay tuned ;) 

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