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Lcd wrong temps


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it started two weeks ago, that I noticed, that all Cpu related Temps where shown wrong in the Bowser. Cpu is mostly 2°- 5°C more than in the programm itself. Cpu Cores are 2°- 10° C difference.It is fluctuating the whole time. HDD's and SSD are shown correctly, PCH and Gpu are ok as well. Voltages are good, too.

I build a new Pc with z270 Chipset(i7 7700k) and I had four Mainboards in the last three weeks and on all Mainboards was the same issue. Even when I type localhost on my Pc in Browser, it is the same problem. I tested with Firefox and Chrome. Windows 10 clean install same problem.

Is there anything, that I can do?




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It's normal, and it's because the Computer / Sensor page and the hardware monitoring module of AIDA64 (that consists of the Sensor Icons, OSD Panel, Desktop Gadget, SensorPanel, External LCD, Logging, External Applications features) use separate sensor measurement threads.  It means that they can indeed measure different values at any given time.  And in many modern processors the temperature measurement diode is very sensitive to the actual CPU load, and can fluctuate several degrees Celsius depending on how demanding a task is currently executed.  And the 2 different measurement threads I've explained above do not use the same code, and so they put a different amount of load on the CPU.

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