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Sensorpanel with two monitor setup


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Hi there, it`s my first post for finding an solution for my problem.

I tried to read a lot of forum discussions...but maybe no other one has problems...

My setup is a 1080ti (WIN 10 64bit) with an 4K-TV via HDMI (first monitor) and an faytech 7`` Monitor (second, native 1024*600). I use an Sensorpanel "window" to display sensordata on the second screen.

My problem is that every time a start my computer, the panel displays on my TV (left, above) although i tried several times with all the setting (Position fixed/flexible, size fixed...) in the sensorpanel settings... i can drag and drop it in the right position (2. monitor) but even with the fixed settings it startet in the TVscreen :-(

It could not be that problem to display it at the second monitor.... i think a lot of people do that in that way.... for a home entertainment system or a gaming Maschine for couch potatos like me....

and... it was no problem for my alphacool-display... but i wanted to improve the colour-range :-)


In fact i have expected that there is a 1-click solution  :-)  I know.... it was a dream


Thank you


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AIDA64 detects the current Windows Desktop layout when you start it up, and when it detects that the previous position where you've left the SensorPanel at no longer falls into the visible Desktop area, it will reset the position to (0,0) -- which is the top-left corner of the primary monitor.  In your case the problem might be that when AIDA64 starts up, Windows still didn't restore the previous Desktop arrangement, and the Desktop area doesn't yet cover the secondary display.  Can you please check if the issue only happens when you restart (or cold start) your computer, or it happens also when you keep your computer running and only restart AIDA64?

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On ‎2017‎. ‎07‎. ‎11‎. at 5:26 PM, RayAlpha said:

Have the same problem. The sensor panel shifts each time. When the PC restarts or when you close AIDA and re-open.

Please let us know more about your display setup, and from what position does SensorPanel shits from and into?

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On ‎2017‎. ‎08‎. ‎29‎. at 10:38 PM, williamelrey said:

I have the same problem, 2 hours for making my perfect sensor panel and then this big fail.

Mi setup is a Samsung 49 led Smart tv conected via HDMI and a 10.1 screen from an old Acer aspire one conected on the DVI atached with a controler board from aliexpress.

Please let me know what is the arrangement of the displays when it comes to Windows Desktop.  Like are they connected horizontally, with the smaller display on the left?  Or are they vertically connected with the smaller display on the top?

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On ‎2017‎. ‎09‎. ‎09‎. at 8:26 AM, williamelrey said:

All displays are in horizontal position the principal Samsung tv in the left side and the second on the right.

Thank you. We've done a number of test runs with different display configurations, all in horizontal arrangement, and couldn't reproduce the issue :(  We may need to build a more similar setup to yours, in terms of operating system type, and the same display resolution as well.  Please let me know those parameters, and also the approx. placement of the SensorPanel on your Windows Desktop.  Alternatively, try to place the SensorPanel where you prefer it to be, close AIDA64, open Registry Editor (Windows key + R --> regedit), navigate to:


And let me know the value of these entries there:


Having those coordinates, along with the exact resolution of both your displays, and the approx. coordinates you wish to have the SensorPanel placed should give us a bit more idea on where things may go south about the SensorPanel position restoring on your configuration.

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On ‎2017‎. ‎09‎. ‎24‎. at 7:46 PM, williamelrey said:

Hy mi display number 1 have a 1080p resolution and the second have 800x600 resolution and the operating sistem is Windows 10 home full actuallized.

The reset position for the sensor panel is X0 Y0 and my correct coordinates position is X 1279.33  Y0.

Thank you.  Do you use DPI scaling? (font zooming)

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