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Vertical Refresh Rate sensor doesn't detect hardware refresh rate changes


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The Monitor Refresh Rate sensor doesn't seem to work properly, at least in my case. 

My monitor (ASUS ROGswift PG287Q) has a physical button that switches between 60Hz/120Hz/144Hz. The button works without a hitch. I can see the refresh rate changing with my naked eye (noticeable change in smoothness) and by looking at a game's framerate while vsync is on (the FPS will max out at 60fps/120fps/144fps depending on refresh rate). The monitor itself also pops up a HUD that confirms the changed Hz value.

But the Aida64 sensor doesn't pick up this change. It seems the problem may be at least partly to do with Windows' Display Adapter Properties (DAP), as Aida64 appears to only read the setting that is in DAP (shown below). If I change the Hz here, then Aida does update correctly (it also updates correctly if I change the Hz via the nvidia control panel). However, if I subsequently press the button on my monitor to change refresh rate, then the monitor does switch to the new refresh rate, but neither DAP or Aida are updated to reflect this new refresh rate.

Is there any way to make Aida's Vertical Refresh Rate setting more accurate, to reflect the actual refresh rate (and not just what Windows thinks it is)?




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Do you think your monitor notifies Windows of the refresh rate change when it's initiated via the monitor's physical button?  Because if not, then I have no idea how to get that information from the monitor itself :(  Unless of course the current refresh rate property is included in the EDID block.

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