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Arx to LG cellphone


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Aida is 5.97.4614 Beta

1. Logitech simple PC info works, is sent to the LG Phone

2. Going to Aida to LCD and selecting Arx results in an additional display page in Logitech Arx on cell with message to set resolution to 424x746

3. In Aida view of LCD items is in a 980x1440 pixels (72% zoom)

4. On the LCD selector where Logitech Arx is chosen results are

      -0x0 gives:- Error: Incorrect Resolution

      -any other nxm gives :-  Error: LCD init failed

5. Chosen items are on the pixel panel but always stuck at 980x1440

Note: the LG6 screen resolution (from Aida) is 1440x2703

On the surface it seems the issue is on the PC side where coding related to the choice of "Logitech Arx" is in error, transmission back and forth to the cell phone work for other cases, and work for this choice as far as the Aida icon appearing in Logitech application on the Cell.





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Arx could be a bit tricky when you need to init and de-init it in a quick succession by checking or unchecking the option Enable Logitech Arx LCD support in the AIDA64 Preferences.  Usually it gets back to normal after you've set the right resolution, checked the checkbox, and restarted AIDA64.  I know it's tricky, but we haven't been able to figure out how to avoid Arx getting stuck in those init/de-init cycles :(

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