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Suggestion: Average out plottings...

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I find I need to set the sensor sampling to a very low rate (to achieve a whole day's test on one graph screen).

However, I've noticed, even with very slow sampling rates (of say every 30 seconds), it still just takes a snapshot sample and so spikes are still obvious. I would like the sample rate to be a separate setting to actual plotting rate. 

It would be very handy indeed to set a slow plotting rate (and thus "average out" multiple sensor readings). So for example, 10 samples plotted as a single plot every 30 seconds. Single high/low spike samples would be averaged out with the other 9 samples for a smoother plot. I guess it's not what many other may find useful and they would value seeing those actual spikes.


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Do you mean a similar graph that the AIDA64 SensorPanel and LCD modules already offer, but with a smoother line shape?

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